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St John Evangelist Catholic School

Where to start.... I went to St. John's school for my Kindergarten and First Grade. During my second grade while having Miss Younginer, my parents pulled me out. Thus my journey into Fayetteville schools begins.
2nd grade class picture

Hood Avenue Elementary

2nd Grade - Mrs. Dixon - 2nd grade class picture
3rd Grade - Mrs. Zackerl - 3rd grade class picture

Fayetteville Middle School

4th Grade - Mrs. Teat - 4th grade class picture
5th Grade - Mrs. Fowler - 5th grade class picture
6th Grade - Mrs. Paul - 6th grade class picture

Fayette Junior High

7th Grade - Mrs. Leverett - no class picture
8th Grade - Mrs. Schell - class picture

Fayette County High

9th Grade - 12th Grade - Mr. Miller
I loved homeroom in High school. I talked with Kari Moore about the episode of ALF. I listened to Candise McCloud and Pamela McVey talk about their boyfriends, the dates they were planning, and their lives in general. I think they appreciated having someone listen to them. I will never know.

The teachers I miss include Madame Swartz (French Teacher), Mrs. Riggins (AP English Teacher), Mr. Humprey (Science Teacher), Mr. Giles (Physics Teaher) and a number of others.

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