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Here is some personal information.

 Name  Arthur Morgan
 Location  Texas
 Age  Born in 1972 - you do the math
 Height  about 6 foot 4 inches
 Hair  Salt&Pepper Brown - High-n-not Tight
 Eyes  Hazel
 Facial Hair  Goatee
 Build  Average


 Like to do inside Watch science fiction/fantasy movies and some shows. Love Star Trek and Star Wars shows and movies. Voyager is the best though. Go Seven .. Go Seven.

I also like "Queer as Folk", "Will & Grace", Roswell, "Some of my friends", "What I like about You", "Joan of Arcadia", and "Touched by an Angel".

Reading science fiction/fantasy books.

Playing on the computer & genealogy research

 Like to do outside oh gosh... bicycling, swimming, horseback riding (when I can get a chance), driving around with no destination in sight.
 Hobbies Collecting crystal cats, t-shirts,
 Music Country, Pop, Alternative, Celtic/Gaelic, World
 Just plain likes cats, dogs, furry things

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